Hear this – The Ultimate Expression Of Love (via silent listening)


There are some books that you come across that are so simple, their ideas stay with you. One such book recommended to me was Nancy Kline’s ‘A Time to Think.‘ It really got me thinking about the space within conversations. The importance of letting people not just express their views, thoughts, feelings – but really explore them and how crucial that is to effective teams, supportive families, strong friendships and deeply loving relationships. Quite simply:

“Everything we do depends for its quality on the thinking we do first and that our thinking depends on the quality of our attention for each other.” ~ Nancy Kline.

I came across another post which also just how powerful listen can be. This is a great article exploring how powerful generous, attentive listening is in creating the situations where we begin to feel valued and understood. Two of my favourite quotes from the article:

“(The) reason for listening …. is to allow the customer to be heard. Really heard. As in, actually being paid attention to by another human being. This kind of listening is listening for the sake of listening. Listening to understand, period—no strings attached” ~ Charles H. Green.

We’ve all been there, we know when we’re being treated like someone who’s money/time/attention* (delete as appropriate) counts versus times when we’re being fobbed off. This second quote sums it up beautifully:

‘(A) willingness to listen ultimately expresses an attitude of love’ ~ Lloyd Steffen.

In an article for Eurozine, Les Back reflects on the importance of listening and takes writer Primo Levi, radioman Studs Terkel and literary traveller Flemming Røgilds as examples for their accurate attentiveness. He concludes that “the value of listening is to keep a bridge open in the present between the past and the future. The listener – as the society’s ear – establishes an ethical link to those who are not heard or who are ignored.” Attenti … Read More

via silent listening


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