Mike Dooley: Why Do We Feel Incomplete – In Relationships?


Finding a sense of divine nonchalance with the completeness

[Kuldeep] I’m here with Mike Dooley, author of thoughts become things and various amazing publications and an oracle for the Universe on life and how to live it at its best and I’m here with Mike to ask him about the truth about love.

I wanted to ask you Mike, whether it’s from the universe, your own personal experience or what people come up and speak to you about. The truth about why we can’t find love, why it’s so elusive and what it means when we do finally find it?

[Mike] Well a couple of thoughts on love, the first being to my thinking it is perhaps the only and only truly inescapable. There is only love in every person, thing; animate, inanimate. It can’t really be found, that presumes it’s gone missing. It presumes there could be a case where there isn’t such a thing as love, pure love or constant love.

People however have taken the concept of love to a whole other level. Rather than recognising it as being the pure constant more prevalent than sunshine, people tend to make it into something that is acquired that is found, that is lost, that is all the things that true love is not.

People, I’m sad to say without exception, feel or create love that is conditional. I’ve written a number of notes from the Universe on that aspect of love and on that sad characterisation of it. But really and truly, the kind of love that makes life possible is not conditional. As it says in the Prophet ‘the apple tree judges not who takes his or her apples, it gives freely’. Just as we can all bear witness to the fact that we all live life freely, no matter what kind of thoughts we think, words we choose or behaviours we exercise, that we’re still here.

We are pure love, we radiate pure love, although through our own misunderstandings we can taint the love that is coming through us, we can colour it an infinite variety of ways so that it perhaps metaphorically speaking becomes something other than pure white, but it’s still pure love.

In a sense you can say love is God and God is love. In all of my works I often touch on the subject of God or the Universe and it’s very simple: just as I defined love, it is everything.  Whether it’s a blade of grass, grasshopper or a black hole: it’s all pure divine intelligence. Nothing could not be ‘pure-God’, and if it were, what would it be made of?

[Kuldeep] So from your perspective Mike, and your take on the world, which is a beautiful way to understand that we are light and we are spirit, do you suppose then when we seek love we are trying to connect to that element in other people?

[Mike] Well I just gave a talk in Manchester (‘Playing the Matrix’) and one of the things I shared was my view that the human experience is one that comes with the inevitable, automatic mandated sensation of feeling incomplete. We agree to play in the jungles of time and space by agreeing to believe in the illusions created by time, space and matter. This leads us to believe in here verses there, have versus have not, now verses then, versus later; past present and future. All of those are lies. Everything is happening out of a simultaneous present as many have said before myself. But these illusions do create a sense of completeness. And my messages was that the ideal thing to do was to learn how to be happy in spite of this ever present sense of incompleteness, because it’s never going to go away. It’s an aspect of consciousness. It is what gives us drive, it is what gives rise to our emotions, it’s what makes the journey an adventure;  it sets us on our way.

So people are looking to feel complete. And while they’ll never feel completely complete, they can find a sense of divine nonchalance with the completeness with the journey towards completeness. And not necessarily have to name it as ‘I’m missing love’, ‘I don’t have love’; ‘that’s the secret’.

No, you have love, there is only love. Some people will call it love, some people will call it money, some will call it some other goal of theirs. But there’s always going to be the goal and that sense of incompleteness and that’s ok. You could phrase all of that as ‘people search for being united with Divine intelligence and feeling total unconditional love’ but I think that just some label that we put on this Divine sense of incompleteness that we all have.

Mike’s new best seller ‘Manifesting Change: It Couldn’t Be Easier’ is available now

6 Responses to “Mike Dooley: Why Do We Feel Incomplete – In Relationships?”
  1. Supra shoes says:

    After read the article.I have just one word to say,you are so brilliant.I like all of your article.Well done.

  2. Thought provoking. Have you read his book yet?

  3. Chief LP says:

    Thanks for your comment, yes I’ve got it – be great to hear what you think.

  4. Chief LP says:

    Hi there, thanks for the comment, yes I’ve got his book, great writing as always.

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