Lovephool Perfect Match: Why Will & Kate Can Go The Distance And Charles & Diana Couldn’t

According to their respective Lovephool types Will & Kate definitely have a better chance at marriage than Charles & Diana did

Ok the obvious difference is that Will & Kate have a love match rather than an arranged marriage. But there are many successful arranged marriages and similarly many promising love pairs that break up.

I think the biggest thing the pair have going for them is the compatibility in their relationship type. Take Will’s parents for example, both came from Royal or the ‘upper echelons’ of Society, carefully matched for values and even star signs (Scorpio and Cancer are both compatible water signs) but none of these factors promoted a strong union, and cracks soon emerged.

I think those cracks were due to an inherent compatibility in their relationship types

Charles is a classic ‘Slick’ Lovephool; cautious, conservative, mindful of social norms, with a keen attention to duty and doing things the ‘right way’. Listening to his views on architecture is enough to show you how fixed his is in his thinking. ‘Slick’ Lovephools represent stability and grounding. They’re logical, prudent and mindful of how their behaviour and thinking fits into the world around them.

Diana on the other hand was a free spirited ‘Fly’ Lovephool; very much heart driven, emotionally aware, independent in thinking and not afraid to challenge and reach out beyond social confines. ‘Fly’ Lovephools represent growth and optimism. They challenge the norm and are independent thinkers that get excited about new things. Diana’s work reach out to HIV/AIDS victims and campaign against Land Mines was fuelled by a personal belief not based on ‘duty’.

So how do should sensible ‘Slick’ Charles and flighty ‘Fly’ Diana have matched up?

In a word, terribly. There is a small chance that they could have found a middle ground by building a partnership based on being ‘Hot’ – emotionally people centred, or ‘Cool’ – detached and socially independent. But this would have required both of them to put their personal drivers and character traits second. The partnership would have demanded constant compromised where neither party could be themselves, which is essence is what happened. For Diana to be more mindful of duty and expectation and become more ‘Slick’ would be the emotional equivalent of giving up everything that she believed in. The same would be true for Charles giving up who he was to be ‘Fly’ – you can see this clearly on the rare times his PR machine has bullied him to become more engaging and effusive with the public; ‘the people’s Prince’ he certainly isn’t.

What about Will & Kate’s chances? Are they Fly, Hot, Cool or Slick?

Well they’ve definitely stood the test of time; a friend commented ‘they’re Uni sweethearts and no matter how high Will’s profile was at times, Will still only had eyes for Kate.’

Will has the open confidence from his mother’s ‘Fly’ Lovephool temperament, without the coy emotional flightiness that comes from that style. He also has the conservative measured confidence from his father’s ‘Slick’ style without being too camera shy or awkward. From the remaining two types it’s clear from his manner he isn’t a ‘Hot’ emotionally gushing type; there’s no dancing on the sofa ‘Tom Cruise on Oprah’ moment.

Will is a true blue ‘Cool’ Lovephool;

He’s opened mined and Self Oriented like his mother able to challenge convention, but also Mind Driven and logical like his father – he’s not likely to emotionally get carried away. His overriding relationship style is calm and considered – no dramatic gestures or uncontrolled high spirits.

What about Kate, Is she a polar opposite or a good match?

I don’t think she’s Will’s opposite; a ‘Hot’ Lovephool. How do I know ? Look how she handled the question regarding their split – she didn’t show any sign of emotional charge, yet neither did she dismiss it, instead replying: ‘I wasn’t happy about it at the time… it made me a stronger person … valued that time for me’ said in a calm but confident way.

They’re very similar in how they describe their relationship; as one that’s progressed slowly; ‘friend’s for a while is a good foundation’. They also talk a lot about their own self growth ‘I wanted to focus on my career and flying … Kate’s in a good place with work and where she wants to be … so we both decided it was a good time’. They both separately define themselves as individuals as well as their union as a couple.

Interestingly the word ‘friendship’ is used more than ‘love’ – that’s what’s given the game away

Not because they don’t love each other – it’s clear they’re very comfortable with each other, but for them being overly emotional doesn’t seem to be their natural mode. My verdict is that they’re both blue ‘Cool’ Lovephools; independent, calm, logical relaxed and open minded.

If you were hoping for some mad passionate Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton crazy ‘Hot’ Lovephool match, then you’ll be disappointed…

You’re not going to see much drama with Will & Kate. Will and Kate’s ‘Cool’ Lovephool coupling means that they both are going to approach their love and marriage the same way; in a relaxed, calm and collected way- but with enough fun and independence to keep them strong!

Best of luck to the Lovephool Lovebirds!

Click here to find out more about the Lovephool types or try a free Buzz Quiz at or Double Buzz couples profile to find out how you match

Same applies to non-romantic partnerships by the way, if you want to get along; at work, home or in love – find out how you match!

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