The Good, The Bad & The Daddy ….

We Love you Daddy! But it’s complicated …

So say the sentiments out on the twitterverse this morning:

The Bad….

‘Any man can be a father but it takes a good man to be a Dad’

‘My Dad was a sh*t but Happy Father’s day to all the ‘Good’ Dad’s out there ….’

‘My Mum was more of a Dad than he ever was, Happy Fathers day to her’

The Good –  appreciation for father figures in our lives that have filled the Dad role;

‘A good time to also think about others who have been ‘father figures’ with advice etc? Do they know you appreciate them?’

‘to 4 great men in my life ! My daddy ! My Pa-Pa! My God Daddy ! & My Uncle! I love yall’

& The Daddy –  the much loved Fathers who have been there and watched over their children as they grew up.

‘This goes out to all those, like me, who miss their fathers. I truly stand on the shoulders of a great man.’

‘You’re my rock … I love you dad. Happy Fathers day to my hero’

Whether you feel your Dad was good or bad, Father’s day is about appreciating the figures in our lives who have been there as role models, guiding supporting and showing us the way. Dad’s aren’t perfect but they’re part of who we are. We need to celebrate and honour their role however great or small in helping us become the people we are.

“Oh,children, don’t judge your father too harshly. After all, he really loves you very much” –Mrs. Darling(Peter Pan)

I can’t help but smile at the soft, quite ways a father loves his children. Perhaps not in effusive, fussy motherly ways – but the care is there deep down. The like us have their own stories of growing up and carving a space in the world. Perhaps we don’t always appreciate the sacrifices made and road not taken. These kids have certainly given it a try:

Do you know your Father’s story? His hopes and dreams? When was the last time you sat down to ask?

I’ll be sitting down with my pops later today with a cuppa tea and cake to hear all his stories and Dad jokes. I’ve heard them a million times, it’s not the stories that are important – it’s his laugh, his memories his foibles. Everything that makes him my Dad. I’m very blessed to have an amazing Dad, despite his terrible jokes….  Happy Father’s day pops. I love you.

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