Getting Hitch’ed

Let’s be honest, unless you look like Eva Mendez or have the charm of Will Smith you’re never going to be lucky in love.

That’s what the 2005 film Hitch would have you believe, no? But instead the movie suggested that even ordinary folk like Kevin James can get lucky in love with just the right kind of love coaching.

Who would have thought it, a film about a professional ‘date’ doctor would make so much sense?

There are many beautiful couples that surround me in my life, from married couples to those that have been dating for a while. But there seem to be more people out there that are single and for some reason unhappy? Why do relationships, or the lack of, bare such strain on most people? Maybe that’s where we’re going wrong.

“No one is in control of your happiness but you; therefore, you have the power to change anything about yourself or your life that you want to change.” Barbara de Angelis.

If you don’t enjoy your life the way it is, single/ dating, then you won’t seem attractive. Happiness oozes out of us when we are genuinely happy with our lives. In fact that is when you will appear most confident and attractive and will be more likely to make new friends and possibly find a new love interest.

The first of three Lovephool Exclusive’s:  Getting Hitch’ed!

Lovephool is here to help you develop as a person but also recognise your strengths – what people love you for and what makes you buzz, naturally.

Can you guess what your top 5 Strengths might be?

Before joining Lovephool and doing a Buzz Strengths test I could easily tell you one of my strengths, and that is ‘Playful’. I love to have fun, joke around, and see the humour in most things in life. And I am at my happiest when being playful with friends, family and at work. So I knew that was definitely one of my top 5 but I couldn’t guess the other 4 top strengths! Once the test was done and with some coaching, it made so much sense.

How does individual coaching by our very own female hitch sound to you? Having fun with it – lets discuss dating scenario’s from the best to the worst possible dates. What to do and when? How to behave? Body language! Seems easy but you’d be surprised how many people get it wrong.

“…90% of what you’re saying aint coming out of your mouth…”



If you are serious about finding The One, have blind date anxiety or have experienced hit and miss high speed dating, and you just need a fresh start? Then check out and ‘Getting Hitch’ed’. For more information and/ or to book into a session with Lovephool then please email

What do you think is holding people back from finding the one? Is it them as individuals? Or is dating/ the concept of finding The One overrated?

Let me know what you think!

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