Are You A Relationship Ready Love Pup?

Okay, no-one’s ever 100%, but 75% would be a good start.

There could be a number of reasons that love didn’t bloom for you in the way you wanted it to in 2011. But some of if could be down to the strength and confidence you have in yourself and whether you’re noticing or missing relationship signals. Could the very thing keeping you content with your single life be a hindrance in finding true love?

  • For instance you might be so good at living an independent life which keeps you in your own world that you rarely venture beyond your comfort zone.
  • Alternatively, your might be so wrapped up in your own head with ‘I’ feel, think and do statements that you miss the opportunity to reach out and be curious about how others see the world.
  • Lastly the very thing that makes you philosophical, dare I say resigned, about the single life might make you come across as cynical when it comes to love and romance.

Now before you think I’m being a little tough on you happy singletons, let me ask you this. Why is it that we’re so numb to the magic of love and romance that when we read of someone’s romantic gestures in the press we automatically cringe?

Rhodri Marsden: Not for me, those emotional outpourings of affection – The Independent

I for one say hooray to the love pups prepared to put their hearts on their sleeve.

Yeah they’ll get knocked back, but they’ll get back up, smile and try again until they meet someone under starry skied night that makes their heart say ‘ditto’.

When it comes to relationship strengths, these are the same people who are naturally wired to others, they have an open hearted curiosity and have a glass that isn’t only half-full, but positively overflows.  These naive fools are the courageous ones when it comes to relationships.

So what’s your score? Are you a courageous lion or a timid shy mouse? Take the test below and decide. You can then either take cynical comfort in the Independent article as you sit there alone with your iPad, happy to risk nothing and gain nothing or….

Be warned, Puppy is a tad mean …. if he tell you ‘sorry you did not pass the Quiz’ then let pup help you make a change, get yourself ready for love in 2012,

Love could be standing right in front of you, but if you’re not ready to see it you’ll keep missing out! And as we’re super lovely at Lovephool you can even do a mini test for free to find out what Lovephool relationship style you have:

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