Who’s Lovephool?

Welcome to my blog on Well-being, Sustainable Relationships & my ‘Group Hug’ Manifesto


Yeah I know…. As soon as I say Well-being, Sustainable Relationships or ‘Love’ it all gets a bit New Age and ‘Hug a Hoodie’. But hugging aside, hoodie or otherwise, there is more to the L-word that we give credit.

Deep down we all know that the quality of our happiness and connection to others comes down to having the ability to ‘love’ in a genuine way. Whether it’s at work, home, socially or in our partnerships, being able to connect authentically is one the most critical paths to finding meaning and joy in life.

Surely that’s a good thing – right?

The intention of Lovephool is help people connect better; so they’re stronger, happier and build more sustainable relationships at work, home and in their personal lives.

Why ‘Lovephool’?

‘Phool’ is Sanskrit for flower, to represent the blossoming organic aspect of how we reach out to each other and also captures the Psychology of Happiness approach to my enquiry.

Lovephool represents a personal quest if you will. It’s an enquiry into the truth about love and connection at work, in our social fabric and in partnerships. I do this by researching and exploring psychology, philosophy, science, business thinking, expert views and experiences from real people.

Who am I – some kind of  Eat-Pray-Lovephool?

Quite possibly. I’m Kuldeep Brar and I started Lovephool because I believe ‘love’ and being able to connect in a genuine way is critical for well-being.

I’ve zigzagged my way here starting off with a degree in Experimental Psychology followed by a corporate career in the City of London whilst balancing a meaty Executive MBA with a dose of spirituality on the side.

I’m really fortunate because the combination of my academic background, corporate experience and personal journey has enabled me to see real linkages in what good and bad connection looks like from a scientific, business and social perspective.

With Lovephool, I’ve tried to create a marriage (pardon the pun) by  joining Positive Psychology – the science of happiness with leading business thinking from my MBA and corporate experience.

People flourish when they focus on their ‘Core Strengths’ (Positive Psychology). Businesses flourish when they focus on their ‘Core Competence’ (Business Strategy). …. spot the difference?

I’ve seen authentic connection in many guises from corporate love (leadership, engagement and career success), family love (parents and their children), romantic love (partnership and ‘soul-mates’) and everything in between.

The common thread is that authentic connection is central to our success, wellbeing and social happiness. To find out more, check out the ‘What We Do’ section.

You may now hug*

(*please hug responsibly and be careful if operating heavy machinery, driving a car or approaching a hoodie!)

Join us to understand the truth about authentic connection and how we can all flourish and be a bit happier and chilled when it comes to the Love stuff. Send your stories, insights, share thoughts and comments, maybe we’ll crack it.

Kuldeep Brar

Chief Lovephool



One Response to “Who’s Lovephool?”
  1. Suraj says:

    Thank you for your enquiry into love. Its my favourite subject :-).

    Shall send you something when I have a bit more space.

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