The Good, The Bad & The Daddy ….

We Love you Daddy! But it’s complicated … So say the sentiments out on the twitterverse this morning: The Bad…. ‘Any man can be a father but it takes a good man to be a Dad’ ‘My Dad was a sh*t but Happy Father’s day to all the ‘Good’ Dad’s out there ….’ ‘My Mum … Continue reading

I’m Right You’re Wrong – So What I Say Goes!

Filtering for control … After reflecting on a number of similar conversations over the last week I’ve been curious about the phrase “you’re the love coach you should know the right answer”. Well for one, I just help people find the strengths that make them Buzz. Instead of coaching people, I show them the aspects … Continue reading

truly madly deeply

A Greater Love … The Ex Files …

“Life after love… I wasn’t ever really sure that friendship post relationship was possible. How do two people go from being romantically involved to being purely platonic? I asked a friend of mine this question and her answer was, “with great difficulty!” The truth is, that sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I think … Continue reading

Lovephool Perfect Match: Why Will & Kate Can Go The Distance And Charles & Diana Couldn’t

According to their respective Lovephool types Will & Kate definitely have a better chance at marriage than Charles & Diana did Ok the obvious difference is that Will & Kate have a love match rather than an arranged marriage. But there are many successful arranged marriages and similarly many promising love pairs that break up. … Continue reading


Action For …. Happiness, Spirituality, Lovephool day!

There’s a lot of Action this week: Action for Happiness, Action for Spiritual connection and Action for Relationships What I find exciting about all three is the active component of connecting with others; whether it’s through Economics (Action For Happiness), Spirituality (Sikh Vaisakhi) or Positive Psychology (Lovephool). The common message is galvanising people to strive … Continue reading


Puppy Love? No Thank You Doctor, I’d Rather Have The Real Thing!

“All men are like Dogs, you have to train them – then they’ll be loyal” ~ so goes the premise of Akshay Kumar’s the new Bollywood flick ‘Thank You’. Lovephool doesn’t ordinarily review Bollywood films but after commenting on the movie’s relationship advice for BBC Asian Network, I couldn’t resist an invitation for a private … Continue reading


Think You Can Make a Difference? Dream On!

Imagine the scene; A bar in Devonshire Square in the middle of the City’s Square Mile on a Friday night… I’m talking to some successful young professionals about the usual: Ambition, materialism and gossip all the while drinking white wine and convincing ourselves how amazing our superficial lives are. The good life in others words? … Continue reading

Mamma, What’s The Point?

“If I should have a daughter, instead of ‘Mom’, she’s gonna call me ‘Point B’…”   “If I should have a daughter … Instead of ‘Mom’, she’s gonna call me ‘Point B’. Because that way, she knows that no matter what happens, at least she can always find her way to me. And I’m going … Continue reading

Do you Love or Hate your work? Do You Add Value?

What is the truth about love? Part 9 of my City interviews with real people on different aspects of connection; Belfast talks about Work and Well-being and what Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose really means. My interviews from Belfast suggest that work well-being comes from a sense of adding value and how you connect and collaborate … Continue reading

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Stuck between the Lovephool and New York City ….

It’s crazy but it’s true … love comes in many guises … From movie magic, to same sex partners, friendship bonds and the singles dating scene … all feelings and situations are equally as valid. We grow and understand each other through all our relationships not just our romantic ones. The common thread is that … Continue reading


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