What We Do

We Help You Create Relationships that Last!


Use your Buzz Strengths and the way you see the world so that you attract and build amazing relationships

Lovephool has developed a state of the art personalised model that’s going to help you get what you want in 2011. Based on proven* science and leadership thinking we’ve built a tool that analyses your individual character so you can use your strengths to your advantage.

Think of it as your emotional DNA; It’s about who you are on the inside. And if you’re not making the most of it, you’re missing out on love, happiness and the good life!

Love Happiness and Relationships – you can have it all

Blah, blah, blah … is it really that easy?

Actually yes. This is scientifically proven* to make you happier! Leading business are using this thinking with their top talent, you’re missing out. No need to fork out thousands for executive training, we’ve already done that. To show you how good this is, in addition to the Buzz Strengths report we’re including an on-line strengths session via Skype.

This stuff works! Click here get yours!… Sneak Peek offer at 60% off until launch of main site to first 100 only!

Clearing your Emotional Credit Card

Still paying off that ‘Love Charge’? You know the negative thoughts and feelings that we’re left with when a relationships breaks down; at work, socially, in families and our personal lives.

Sure we can be positive, and think and act differently, but if we’re still emotionally charged from past experiences, we’re carrying that ‘balance transfer’ into every new connection. Lovephool will help you clear it the easy way.

Emotional Clearing is launching soon but available as a preview taster package.

Get in touch at hello@lovephool.com quoting ‘Emotional Clearing’ to find out more.

Build sustainable relationships – know the Truth about Love

This blog and accompanying on-line TV channel is to get us talking, listening and sharing so that we understand more about the way we connect.

Whether commenting on research, expert views or real experiences ,we want to bring you the latest thinking and share your insights as a community. Here are the four threads:

  • Well-being – Articles looking at research, thinking, philosophies and insights on different aspects of love and connection. It’s the ‘how’ part of being more aware so we relate to each other in a more meaningful way. Guest bloggers and suggested articles most welcome!
  • Commentary – Short articles on latest news articles on authentic connection and happiness
  • Expert view: The truth about Love – Lovephool TV brings you on-line video interviews with experts and real people on different aspect of love and connection. Join me as I interview leading thinkers and travel the UK to ask people their views on everything from  loneliness, marriage, family, friendship, compassion to social connection and yes the ‘truth about romantic love’ too!

Join us to understand the truth about authentic connection and how we can all flourish and be a bit happier and chilled when it comes to the Love stuff. Send your stories, insights, share thoughts and comments, maybe we’ll crack it.

Contact us at hello@lovephool.com

*Studies from Positive Psychology show that activity using Character Strengths leads to happier lives. See blog articles for details.

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